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veo21.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Crypt routines.

JoergM area RTE internal xuser access
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Definition in file veo21.c.

#include "heo21.h"

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#define _INLINE   __inline
#define MF__   MOD__"UNDEFINED"
#define MOD__   "VEO21.C : "
#define ord(x)   ((unsigned)(x))


void sql21get_name (tsp00_C20 ClearName, tsp00_CryptName Crypt)
void sql21put_name (tsp00_C20 ClearName, tsp00_CryptName Crypt)
tsp00_Int4 sql21read_crypt (tsp00_C20 Puffer)
void sql21write_crypt (tsp00_Int4 Zahl, tsp00_C20 Erg)

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