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veo46.c File Reference

Detailed Description

common routines for rte error handling"

JoergM area error handling
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example.html ...

Definition in file veo46.c.

#include "heo46.h"
#include "heo47.h"
#include "geo00_0.h"

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#define MOD__   "VEO46.C:"


static int eo46_last_error (void)
void eo46_rte_error_init (tsp01_RteError *RteError)
char * eo46_rte_errtext_with_filename (const char *ErrTxt, const char *Filename, char *FullTxt, int FullTxtLen)
void eo46_set_rte_error (tsp01_RteError *RteError, int OsErrCode, const char *ErrText, const char *Argument)
static void eo46_strncpy (char *target, const char *source, int targetSize)
char * eo46_system_error_text (int ErrorCode, char *ErrorText, int ErrorTextLen)
void eo46BuildErrorStringRC (tsp00_ErrTextc pcErrText, char *pszErrText, teo00_Int4 rc)
void eo46BuildPascalErrorStringRC (tsp00_Byte *pcPascalErrText, char *pszErrText, teo00_Int4 rc)
void eo46CtoP (tsp00_Byte *PascalStr, char *CStr, int Len)
void eo46PtoC (char *CStr, tsp00_Byte *PascalStr, int Len)
void sql46c_build_error_string (char *pcPascalErrText, char *pszErrText, teo00_Int4 rc)
void sqlos_errcode_and_errtext (int *ErrorCode, char *ErrorText, int ErrorTextLen)
void sqlos_errortxtc (char *ErrorText, int ErrorTextLen)
void sqlos_errtext_by_errcode (int Errcode, char *ErrorText, int ErrorTextLen)

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