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Util Directory Reference


file  IFRUtil_Algo.h [code]
 Utility template functions that do not fit elsewhere.
file  IFRUtil_Configuration.cpp [code]
 Configuration settings.
file  IFRUtil_Configuration.h [code]
file  IFRUtil_CopyTraits.h [code]
 Helper for safe assignment and copy construction.
file  IFRUtil_DefaultRawAllocator.cpp [code]
 Memory allocator.
file  IFRUtil_DefaultRawAllocator.h [code]
 Memory allocator using the client allocation functions.
file  IFRUtil_HashMap.h [code]
file  IFRUtil_Hashtable.h [code]
 Hashtable, algorithms from STL.
file  IFRUtil_New.h [code]
file  IFRUtil_Pair.h [code]
 Pair implementation, for map.
file  IFRUtil_RuntimeItem.h [code]
 Accessor for runtime interface and allocator.
file  IFRUtil_SQLNumeric.cpp [code]
 SQL Numeric datatype handling.
file  IFRUtil_SQLNumeric.h [code]
file  IFRUtil_StackAllocator.h [code]
 Allocator for stack-only stuff.
file  IFRUtil_Time.cpp [code]
 Time supplementals.
file  IFRUtil_Time.h [code]
 Supplemental functions for getting the current time These are normally RTE functions, but currently not available in 'Research' tree.
file  IFRUtil_Tls.cpp [code]
 Overlay on the teo07 functions for locking and thread handling.
file  IFRUtil_Tls.h [code]
 Supplemental functions for allocating memory specific to threads. The memory is returned to the OS on thread exist, or some time later on.
file  IFRUtil_TraceSharedMemory.cpp [code]
 Shared memory for trace options.
file  IFRUtil_TraceSharedMemory.h [code]
 Support class for shared memory where the information about trace flags is kept.
file  IFRUtil_UniqueID.cpp [code]
 Unique ID with prefix.
file  IFRUtil_UniqueID.h [code]
 Unique ID having common prefix.
file  IFRUtil_VDNNumber.cpp [code]
 VDN Number conversions.
file  IFRUtil_VDNNumber.h [code]
 VDN Number conversions.
file  IFRUtil_Vector.h [code]

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