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geo908.h File Reference

Detailed Description

XSERVER/DBMSERVER communication.

RaymondR area XSERVER/DBMSERVER communication
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Definition in file geo908.h.

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tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo908_Cancel (void *pDBM)
tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo908_Connect (char const *const pServerPgm, char const *const pDBRoot, char const *const pServerDB, void **ppDBM, void **ppCommPacket, tsp00_Uint4 *pMaxCmdDataLen, tsp00_Uint4 *pTransferBufferSize, tsp00_Uint4 *pServerRef)
tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo908_Receive (void *pDBM, void **const ppReceivePacketBuffer, tsp00_Uint4 *const pDataLen)
tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo908_Release (void *pDBM)
tsp01_CommErr_Enum eo908_Request (void *pDBM, tsp00_Uint4 const DataLen)

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