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ven041.c File Reference

Detailed Description

virtual_terminal Unique Interface to Various Types of Terminals

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Definition in file ven041.c.

#include "geo002.h"
#include "gen04.h"
#include "gen500.h"
#include "geo001.h"
#include "geo57.h"
#include "hen40.h"

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struct  attrib_info


#define ATTR(x)   ( sql04_attrib_table [ ATTR_TO_IDX(x) ].att )
#define ATTR_TO_IDX(x)   ( (x) & 15 )
#define BLANK   (' ')
#define CHBLANK   ((chtype)' ')
#define COLUMN(x)   ((x) % sql04_cols)
#define DBGSCREEN(_s, _a, _l, _t)   {}
#define DELTA_TAB   8
#define is_invisible(x)   ( sql04_attrib_table [ ATTR_TO_IDX(x) ].invis )
#define is_mixed(x)   ( ( (x) & BIT_MIXED ) != 0 )
#define is_protect(x)   ( ( (x) & BIT_UNPROTECTED ) == 0 )
#define is_unprot(x)   ( ( (x) & BIT_UNPROTECTED ) != 0 )
#define LINE(x)   ((x) / sql04_cols)
#define LINEVALUES   20
#define MAXATTRIBUTES   16
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlctio"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlctoff"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlcton"
#define MOD__   "ven041.c:"
#define SK_NUMBER   9
#define VT_EOF   0
#define VT_LABEL_SIZE   8
#define VT_SOCF   2
#define VT_SONCF   1


void exit ()
static void sql04_addch (uchr, uatt)
static void sql04_addch ()
static void sql04_attrib_array (attributes_array)
static void sql04_attrib_array ()
static void sql04_beep_flash ()
static void sql04_colors_array (colors_array)
static void sql04_colors_array ()
static chtype sql04_convert_color (elem, fg, bg)
static chtype sql04_convert_color ()
static void sql04_delete ()
static void sql04_erase_to_eof ()
static int sql04_find_eof (start_position)
static int sql04_find_eof ()
static int sql04_find_next (start_position, stop_position)
static int sql04_find_next ()
static int sql04_find_prev (start_position, stop_position)
static int sql04_find_prev ()
static int sql04_find_unprot (start_position)
static int sql04_find_unprot ()
static void sql04_full_screen ()
static int sql04_get_key ()
static void sql04_get_options (c_vt_options)
static void sql04_get_options ()
static int sql04_in_field (start_position)
static int sql04_in_field ()
static void sql04_init_ins (insert_pos, insert_text, insert_opt)
static void sql04_init_ins ()
static int sql04_input_character ()
static void sql04_insert_off (insert_pos)
static void sql04_insert_off ()
static void sql04_insert_on (insert_pos, insert_text, insert_opt)
static void sql04_insert_on ()
static void sql04_local_keys (keyfunc)
static void sql04_local_keys ()
static int sql04_next_field ()
static void sql04_next_unprot ()
static void sql04_part_screen ()
static void sql04_position_changed (position)
static void sql04_position_changed ()
static int sql04_prev_field ()
static void sql04_put_charstring (buf, lgt)
static void sql04_put_charstring ()
static void sql04_reset_ins (insert_pos)
static void sql04_reset_ins ()
static void sql04_retkey_array (returnkeys_array)
static void sql04_retkey_array ()
static int sql04_rubout ()
static int sql04_shift_left (start_position)
static int sql04_shift_left ()
static int sql04_shift_right (start_position)
static int sql04_shift_right ()
static void sql04_update_colors ()
static void sql04_write_softkeys (c_sk_text)
static void sql04_write_softkeys ()
static void sql04_write_sysline (c_sys_text, c_sys_attr)
static void sql04_write_sysline ()
void sql47_ctop ()
void sqlabort ()
global void sqlctgtable (elem, att_array, fg, bg)
global void sqlctgtable ()
global void sqlctio (screen, attrib, cursorline, cursorcolumn, c_sk_text, c_sys_text, c_sys_attr, insert_text, insert_pos, insert_opt, c_vt_options, c_returnkeys, c_rejectkeys, num_of_lines, num_of_cols, mark_begin, mark_end, screen_changed, c_keystroke, c_refresh, c_ok)
global void sqlctio ()
global void sqlctoff (char **cscreen_buf, char **cattrib_buf, char *msg)
global void sqlctoff ()
global void sqlcton (char *returnkeys_array, tsp00_Int2 *size_returnkeys, char *attributes_array, tsp00_Int2 *size_attributes, char *colors_array, tsp00_Int2 *size_colors, boolean *c_has_sysline, char *c_label, tsp00_Int2 *maxlines, tsp00_Int2 *maxcols, UCHAR **cscreen_buf, UCHAR **cattrib_buf, boolean *cgraphic, boolean *cmark, boolean *cwindows, boolean *c_ok)
global void sqlcton ()
global void sqlcttable (elem, att_array, fg, bg)
global void sqlcttable ()
global void sqldbgvt (char *,...)
char * sqlerrs ()
global void sqltermvar (term_type)
global void sqltermvar ()
global void sqlthold (term_ref, manual_input)
global void sqlthold ()
global void sqltrelease (term_ref)
global void sqltrelease ()


int sql01_vt_clear
static int sql04_attrib_changed
static struct attrib_info sql04_attrib_table [MAXATTRIBUTES]
static int sql04_before_first
static int sql04_behind_last
static int sql04_cols
static int sql04_displpos
static int sql04_enable_charkey
static int sql04_enable_ctrlkey
static int sql04_first_linechg
static int sql04_has_colors
static int sql04_insert_mode
static int sql04_insert_save
static int sql04_last_linechg
static int sql04_lines
static int sql04_mark_apos
static chtype sql04_mark_attrib
static int sql04_mark_epos
static boolean sql04_mark_on
static int sql04_mark_option
static boolean sql04_marked
static int sql04_old_enable_ctrlkey
static int sql04_position
static int sql04_released
static int sql04_return_on_first
static int sql04_return_on_last
static int sql04_ring_bell
static UCHAR * sql04_save_attrib
static UCHAR * sql04_save_screen
static char sql04_save_sk_text [2 *VT_LABEL_SIZE *SK_NUMBER]
static UCHAR sql04_save_sys_attr [132]
static UCHAR sql04_save_sys_text [132]
static int sql04_screen_changed
static int sql04_screen_size
static int sql04_term_initialized
static TERMIO_INFO sql04_termio_ctlkey
static TERMIO_INFO sql04_termio_extern
static TERMIO_INFO sql04_termio_intern
static UCHAR * sql04_tio_attrib
static int sql04_tio_count
static UCHAR * sql04_tio_screen
static int sql04_turned_on
static int sql04_usage_mode
static int sql04_wait_for_input

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