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veo15.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains Message buffering for use inside the kernel PTS 1103824.

JoergM area Message Output Module (for buffered Message I/O)
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Definition in file veo15.cpp.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "heo07.h"
#include "heo15.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include "geo007_2.h"
#include "geo57.h"
#include "geo001.h"
#include "hsp77.h"
#include "hen40.h"
#include "RunTime/System/RTESys_IO.h"
#include "RunTime/Configuration/RTEConf_ParameterAccessKernelInterface.h"
#include <ctype.h>

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class  ceo15_LockMutex
class  ceo15_MessageFile


#define ABORT()   vabort(true)
#define CLR_LINE_EO15   CLR_LINE_MATCH_EO15 " in File. More Information above!"
#define CLR_LINE_MATCH_EO15   "===== Last Line"
#define COPY_SIZE_EO15   ((16*1024)/sizeof(long))
#define CRASH_MARK_EO15   "===== WARNING: Crash may reproduce information "
#define END_LINE_EO15   "----- Last Line Written ----- Cycle:"
#define EXPAND_LINE_LENGTH   128
#define FIRST_LINE_EO15   "===== Current Cycle:"
#define MESSAGE_BUFFER_PTR(_i)   (eo15_BufferArray+_i)
#define NUMBER_OF_MESSAGE_BUFFERS   eo15_NumberOfBuffers
#define TEST_DPRINT3(fmt, arg1, arg2, arg3)
#define TEST_PRINT(fmt)
#define TEST_PRINT1(fmt, arg1)
#define TEST_PRINT3(fmt, arg1, arg2, arg3)
#define WORKER_STACK_EO15   (64*1024)


typedef char teo15_LastErrorMessage [LAST_ERROR_MESSAGE_SIZE_EO15]


static void eo15_MapAndLockMessageFile (const tsp00_Char *Filename, tsp00_Int4 &FileIndex, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
static void eo15_SearchAndLockMessageFile (const tsp00_Char *Filename, tsp00_Int4 &FileIndex, bool &isFree, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15CheckExist (const tsp00_Char *Filename, bool &DoesExist, bool &IsDirectory, tsp00_VfReturn_Param VAR_VALUE_REF ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15CloseMessageFile (const tsp00_Int4 FileIndex, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15CompleteMessageFiles (const tsp00_Int4, teo15MessageBufferSpace *)
 RTE Internal - Used inside RTE code to dump contents in case crash.
externC void eo15CopyMessageFile (const tsp00_Int4 FileIndex, const char *CopyFileName, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
void * eo15DumpMessageFile ()
void * eo15DumpMessageFileThread (void *)
externC void eo15FlushMessageFiles (void)
 RTE Internal - Used inside RTE code to flush contents in case of SHUTDOWN.
externC tsp00_Int4 eo15GetMessageFileIndex (const tsp00_Char *Filename)
 Get an index for a named MassageFile.
externC void eo15InitMessageBufferSpace (const tsp00_Int4 NumberOfBuffers, teo15MessageBufferSpace *BufferArray)
 RTE Internal - Used inside RTE code to setup memory space.
externC tsp00_Int4 eo15OpenMessageFile (const tsp00_Char *Filename, const teo15_Position MaxFileSize, bool doNotInit, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15RemoveMessageFile (const tsp00_Char *RemoveFileName, tsp00_VfReturn_Param VAR_VALUE_REF ReturnStatus)
 Remove a message file This is a direct call which is allowed to remove all files named...
externC void eo15SyncMessageFile (const tsp00_Int4 FileIndex, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15SyncNamedMessageFile (const tsp00_Char *Filename, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
externC void eo15WriteMessageFile (const tsp00_Int4 FileIndex, const tsp00_Char *Message, tsp00_VfReturn_Param &ReturnStatus)
void vabort (bool)


static teo15MessageBufferSpace * eo15_BufferArray
static teo15_Buffer eo15_ClearBuffer
static tsp00_Int4 eo15_CycleOverhead
static teo15_Buffer eo15_ExpandBuffer
static bool eo15_ExpandMessageFiles = false
static tsp00_Int4 eo15_NumberOfBuffers
static teo07_Thread eo15_WorkerThread

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