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veo600.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains all unicode extensions of kernel LZU needed of implemented functionsvmessageUnicode Unicode version of vmessage (veo60k.c).

JoegM area Unicode Kernel LZU Extensions vopmsgUnicode Unicode version of vopmsg (vos60kc,ven60c) created 000-08-04 10:25
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Definition in file veo600.c.

#include "geo00_2.h"
#include "geo00_0.h"
#include "geo50_0.h"
#include "heo60_2.h"
#include "heo600.h"
#include "heo602.h"

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#define MF__   MOD__"vmessageUnicode"
#define MF__   MOD__"vopmsgUnicode"


void vmessageUnicode (tsp00_Int4 msgEncoding, tsp3_priority msgPrio, tsp3_msg_type msgType, tsp00_Int4 msgNo, tsp00_C8 msgLabel, tsp00_C80 msgText)
void vopmsgUnicode (tsp00_Int4 msgEncoding, tsp00_Int2 msgPrio, tsp00_Int2 msgNo, tsp00_C132 msgText)

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