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DbpError Class Reference

#include <OMS_DbpError.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for DbpError:

DbpErrorBase OmsDuplicateKey OmsLockTimeout OmsObjectNotFound OmsOutOfDate OmsKeyInUse OmsKeyInUse

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Detailed Description

Exception class for SQL-Class and OMS.

The DbpError class provides methods that allow errors to be analyzed when they are 'catched'.

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Definition at line 79 of file OMS_DbpError.hpp.

Public Types

enum  DbpErrorKinds {

Public Member Functions

short dbpDBError () const
 Returns the error number.
long dbpError () const
 Returns the error number stored in the instance.
 DbpError (long ErrorNo, const DbpTypeUnicode *errtext)
 DbpError (long ErrorNo, const char *errtext)
 DbpError (long ErrorNo)
const OmsObjectIddbpErrorOid () const
const char * dbpErrorText () const
 Returns a pointer to the error text stored in the instance.
const DbpTypeUnicode * dbpErrorTextUnicode () const
long dbpHresultError () const
 Returns the error number.
short dbpRteError () const
 Returns the error.

Static Public Member Functions

static DbpErrorCallbackInterfacedbpGetCallback ()
 Query current callback interface.
static void dbpSetCallback (DbpErrorCallbackInterface *cb)
 Set a new callback interface to pre-process the exception.

Public Attributes

DbpErrorKinds m_errorKind
int m_errorNo
char m_errorText [320]
bool m_isWyde
OmsTypeOid m_oid

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