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en Directory Reference


file  gen00.h [code]
 During replacement of vsp00c by gsp00 missing parts had been moved into gos00.h. This files trys to cover the parts missed from vsp00c...
file  gen003.h [code]
file  gen04.h [code]
 Constants and Types for the Virtual Terminal.
file  gen13.h [code]
 Sqluser Functions.
file  gen22.h [code]
 Setup of UNIX own message output.
file  gen23.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  gen32.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  gen33.h [code]
 Communation functions.
file  gen34.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  gen38.h [code]
 Kernel Enum to String Tables.
file  gen41.h [code]
 Handling routines for IPC Resources.
file  gen42.h [code]
 create/extract/read/write remote sql_packets
file  gen43.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  gen45.h [code]
 Kill Kernel Processes and Remove Ipc Resources Kill Kernel Tasks Fetch Communication Info.
file  gen46.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  gen48.h [code]
 Miscellaneous String Functions.
file  gen49.h [code]
file  gen50.h [code]
 Kernel interne Strukturen.
file  gen500.h [code]
 Defines all messages of UNIX Kernel.
file  gen52.h [code]
 vclock, vdattime, vtimestamp
file  gen54.h [code]
 Disk I/O.
file  gen541.h [code]
 Inode information.
file  gen55.h [code]
 Mutual Exclusion.
file  gen57.h [code]
 to be able to locate memory consumer these routines are able to protocol to calling module if DEBUG_MEM_ALLOC is enabled.
file  gen60.h [code]
 Message Output.
file  gen60_1.h [code]
 Message Output.
file  gen66.h [code]
 Operating system dependend file I/O.
file  gen70.h [code]
 Initialize Shared Section.
file  gen71.h [code]
 Dispatcher and Queue Management.
file  gen72.h [code]
 Wake a Kernel Process.
file  gen73.h [code]
 Queue handling routines.
file  gen74.h [code]
 Initialize Shared Memory Section for Communication.
file  gen75.h [code]
 Communication Functions for Kernel.
file  gen79.h [code]
 Read Param File.
file  gen81.h [code]
 Coordinator Process.
file  gen83.h [code]
 TIMER Process.
file  gen84.h [code]
file  gen85.h [code]
 Handling of Remote Sessions via Sockets.
file  gen88.h [code]
 USER KERNEL Task Group Thread, Task Initialization and Task Switch.
file  gen904.h [code]
 description ...
file  hen37.h [code]
 Miscellaneous Functions used by Script.
file  hen38.h [code]
file  hen40.h [code]
 abort and dump routines
file  hen42.h [code]
 create/extract/read/write remote sql_packets
file  hen43.h [code]
 Get Socket Addresses.
file  hen50.h [code]
 Kernel Task vabort routine and exception handling.
file  hen51.h [code]
 Task startup / finish.
file  hen53.h [code]
 vcmd_wait_time, vconnect, vconnect2, vreceive, vreply
file  hen541.h [code]
 Inode information.
file  hen56.h [code]
 Kernel Scheduling Functions.
file  hen60.h [code]
 Message Output.
file  hen62.h [code]
 vcreate, vkill
file  hen71.h [code]
 Dispatcher and Queue Management.
file  ven01.c [code]
 Client RunTime Initialization Functions.
file  ven02.c [code]
 Application Runtime date_time.
file  ven03.c [code]
 communication / USER
file  ven041.c [code]
 virtual_terminal Unique Interface to Various Types of Terminals
file  ven042.c [code]
 virtual_terminal_subroutines Common Functions for the Virtual Terminal Modules
file  ven043.c [code]
 make_terminfo: Create a Terminfo Description for a Terminal
file  ven05.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Virtual Printer (using standard spooler "lp").
file  ven06.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Virtual File for Applications (old version for Pascal Tools).
file  ven07.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqlexec.
file  ven08.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqlread/sqlwrite.
file  ven11.c [code]
 Client RunTime: param_functions / XParam Parameter File Functions.
file  ven12.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqlarg3/sqlargs.
file  ven13.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Sqluser Functions.
file  ven14.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqltermid.
file  ven15.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Miscellaneous Functions.
file  ven17.c [code]
 User storage allocation: sqlallocate/sqlfree.
file  ven18.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqlcharsetname.
file  ven22.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Diagwrite for Applications.
file  ven23.c [code]
 RunTime: socket_communication_functions.
file  ven32.c [code]
 RunTime: Communication Functions for Local Access.
file  ven33.c [code]
 RunTime: Communication Functions for remote Access.
file  ven34.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Map_Kgs.
file  ven36.cpp [code]
file  ven37.c [code]
 Client RunTime: script_functions.
file  ven38.cpp [code]
file  ven381.c [code]
 RunTime: Enum_to_String.
file  ven38NMP.cpp [code]
file  ven40.c [code]
 Client RunTime: sqlerrs/sqlabort.
file  ven41.c [code]
 Client/Kernel RunTime: ipc_resources.
file  ven42.c [code]
 Client RunTime: remote_sql_functions.
file  ven43.c [code]
 Client RunTime: socket_address_resolution.
file  ven45.c [code]
 RunTime: kernel_kill_and_info.
file  ven46.c [code]
 RunTime: Dump.
file  ven48.c [code]
 RunTime: Miscellaneous String Functions.
file  ven49.c [code]
 RunTime: interlock 4fold.
file  ven50.c [code]
 Kernel Task vabort routine and exception handling.
file  ven51.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Kernel Initialization Functions.
file  ven52.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: date_time.
file  ven53.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Communication Functions for Kernel.
file  ven54.c [code]
 Disk IO: Kernel IO Routines and Threads.
file  ven541.c [code]
 RTE: Filenode info.
file  ven542.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Asynchronous Disk I/O.
file  ven55.c [code]
file  ven56.c [code]
 Kernel Runtime: Scheduling functions.
file  ven58.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: vdiaginit.
file  ven60.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Message Output.
file  ven62.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: vcreate/vkill.
file  ven66.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Virtual File for Kernel.
file  ven68.c [code]
 Console Functions for Kernel.
file  ven69.c [code]
 Client/Kernel RunTime: Accounting.
file  ven70.c [code]
 SAPDB Kernel: Initialization of shared memory.
file  ven71.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Dispatcher and Queue Management.
file  ven72.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Wake a Kernel Thread.
file  ven73.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Queue Handling.
file  ven74.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Initialize Communication Shared Section.
file  ven75.c [code]
 Kernel Runtime: Communication Functions for Kernel.
file  ven78.cpp [code]
 DCOM Registry on UNIX: Registry Functions.
file  ven79.c [code]
 Kernel RunTime: Read XParam File.
file  ven80.cpp [code]
 C++ Kernel Main.
file  ven81.c [code]
 KERNEL main.
file  ven83.c [code]
 Kernel Runtime: Timer Thread.
file  ven84.c [code]
 Kernel Runtime: Requestor Thread.
file  ven88.cpp [code]
 Kernel RunTime: User Kernel Thread.
file  ven904.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Database and Installation Registry.
file  ven905.c [code]
 Client RunTime: local dbm communication class.
file  ven906.c [code]
 Client RunTime: CServer communication.
file  ven92.c [code]
 UNIX main module for console (x_cons).
file  ven930.c [code]
 Client RunTime: xclear - Clear a Kernel.
file  ven931.c [code]
 Client RunTime: Clear a kernel.
file  ven96.c [code]
 XServer main program.

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