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gen54.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Disk I/O.

JoergM area disk_io
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Definition in file gen54.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "vsp002.h"

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externC int e54_asyn_vasynio (struct DOUBLY_LINKED *request, tsp00_ErrText errtext)
externC int e54_asyn_vasynio_result (struct DOUBLY_LINKED *request, tsp00_ErrText errtext)
externC int e54_asyn_vblockio (struct DOUBLY_LINKED *request, tsp00_ErrText errtext)
externC int e54_init_self_io (ten50_UKT_Control *this_ukt, tsp00_Int4 devno, tsp00_PageNo devpno, tsp2_io_op_code op_code, int *fd, tsp00_ErrText errtext)
externC void e54_int_to_text (int io_err, tsp00_ErrText errtext)
externC void e54a_aio_catch_signal (int sig, siginfo_t *info, void *ignore)
externC int e54a_get_aio_struct_size ()
externC void e54a_init_sys_aio_struc ()
externC int e54a_install_aio_signal_handler ()
externC void * en54_Mdevio (void *)
externC int en54CreateIOWorkerThreads ()
 create semaphores and threads of IO worker threads The parameter PREALLOCATE_IOWORKER controls, if only DEV0 thread is started or all other possible DEVi threads too. In case of a fatal resource allocation problem, the routine writes diagnostics into knldiag
externC void en54DumpNewRteDumpOnly ()
externC void en54FindPipeCheckAlgorithm (char *dbname)

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