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externC void en71_ioc ( ten50_UKT_Control *  this_ukt,
struct TASK_TYPE *  tid,
struct DOUBLY_LINKED *  quu 

Enqueue element in IOC queue.

this_ukt [in] Pointer to current UKT Control structure
tid [in] Pointer to current Task Control structure
quu [in] Pointer to request element to be enqueued

Definition at line 1225 of file ven71.c.

References MF__.

Referenced by en71_iocEnquAndWake().

#undef  MF__
#define MF__ MOD__"en71_ioc"

     *  Enter queue element in IOC queue
     *  this is the only enque-procedure that may be used by other
     *  processes.......................
    DBG1 (( MF__,"called, task T%d   kt tid %ld \n",
            tcb->index , (long) ukt->tid ));
    DBG1 (( MF__,"request 0x%x  req_type %d \n",
                quu , quu->req_type ));

    quu->taskid = tcb ;

    e73_ioc_enqu( & ukt->ioc_queue , quu );
    tcb->QueStat.ulUKTQueCount++ ;
    tcb->is_in_queue = TASK_IS_IN_IOC_QUEUE ;


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