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geo200.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Creating, queueing and managing event lists.

RaymondR area event list handling
See also:
C++ exception handling required!

Definition in file geo200.h.

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Macros and defines

#define CLEAR_EVENTLIST_EO200(_EvtLstPtr)
#define COPY_OR_THROW_EVENTLIST_EO200(_EvtLstPtr, _EvtLst)
#define EVENTLIST_IS_EMPTY_EO200(_EvtLstPtr)   (( (_EvtLstPtr) != NULL ) ? (_EvtLstPtr)->IsEmpty() : true )
#define MAX_ARGUMENT_LENGTH_EO200   2048
#define MAX_EVENTLABEL_LEN_EO200   8

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