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heo61.h File Reference

Detailed Description

TRACE stack functions for kernel tasks.

JoergM area Simple Kernel TRACE

Definition in file heo61.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "geo47.h"

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TrackBuffer API Functions

externC tsp00_Bool vtrack_alloc (tsp00_Int4 size)
 Allocate a TrackBuffer with a given size.
externC tsp00_Int4 vtrack_check ()
 Return the counter of the overflow element if overflow occured.
externC tsp00_Int4 vtrack_dump_check (tsp00_TaskId id)
 Return the count of overflows (if any) occured in task specific TrackBuffer.
externC tsp00_Bool vtrack_dump_first (void **pVtrace, tsp00_Int4 *pLen, tsp00_TaskId *pId)
 Return the first element of the first task that has a TrackBuffer.
externC tsp00_Bool vtrack_dump_next (void **pVtrace, tsp00_Int4 *pLen, tsp00_TaskId *pId)
 Return the next element in TrackBuffer of given Task, skipping to next task if necessary.
externC void vtrack_empty ()
 Clear all entries in TrackBuffer.
externC tsp00_Bool vtrack_first (void **pVtrace, tsp00_Int4 *pLen)
 Return the first element in the TrackBuffer.
externC void vtrack_free ()
 Free a previously allocated TrackBuffer.
externC void vtrack_insert (void *vtrace, tsp00_Int4 len)
 Insert an element in the TrackBuffer.
externC tsp00_Bool vtrack_next (void **pVtrace, tsp00_Int4 *pLen)
 Return the next element in the TrackBuffer.
externC void vtrack_remove_last ()
 RemoveLast element in the TrackBuffer.

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