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heo92.h File Reference

Detailed Description

common routines and definitions

JoergM area x_cons
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Definition in file heo92.h.

#include "geo00_2.h"
#include "geo002.h"
#include "geo50_0.h"

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#define AVG_ABS_TIME(State)
#define AVG_REL_TIME(State)
#define AVG_TIME(State)
#define IS_TASK_ACTIVE(_TaskType, _TaskState, _TaskStateReason, _OMSCallback, _TypeToShow)
#define IS_TASK_RUNNABLE(_TaskType, _TaskState, _InQueue, _TypeToShow)
#define IS_TASK_TO_SHOW_EO92(_TaskType, _TaskState, _TaskStateReason, _OMSCallback, _InQueue, _TypeToShow, _StateToShow)
#define PRI_PG_PER_IO(_StrFormat, _Stat, _StrPg, _StrPgPerIO)
#define PRI_STAT_TM(_StrFormat, _Stat, _StrCount, _StrRelTm, _StrAbsTm)
#define SHOW_ACTIVE_EO92   2
#define SHOW_ALL_EO92   1
#define SHOW_RUNNABLE_EO92   3
#define SHOW_TT_ALL_EO92   2


typedef char eo92UnknownMethodName [40]
 return the OMSCallbackMethodName for a given index


externC tsp00_Bool e92_get_tt_to_show (char *param, int *tt_to_show)
externC void e92_print_param (RTE_XPARAM_REC *xparam_rec, char *pszParam)
externC int e92_set_new_param (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XParam, char *param_id, char *param_val)
externC bool e92_strcont (char *pszString1, char *pszString2, int MinLgt)
externC void eo92_compress_path (char *pszCompPathName, char *pszPathName, tsp00_Uint ulCompPathLen)
externC void eo92_SecToDDHHMMSS (long Sec, char *Buf, int len)
externC tsp00_Int4 eo92CreateTaskcluster (UKT_CTRL pUKTCtrl, char *szCluster, tsp00_Int4 MaxClusterLen)
externC char * eo92GetConnectProtocolName (int connProtocol, char *buffer, int len)
externC char * eo92GetConnectServiceName (int connState, char *buffer, int len)
externC char * eo92GetConnectStateName (int connState, char *buffer, int len)
externC char const * eo92GetOMSCallbackMethodName (int MethodIdx, eo92UnknownMethodName VAR_ARRAY_REF spaceForUnknownMethodName)
externC char * eo92GetSwapTypeName (int swapType, char *buffer, int len)
externC char * eo92GetTaskStateName (tsp00_Int lState, tsp00_Int lStateReason)
externC char * eo92GetTaskTypeName (tsp00_Uint1 TaskType)
externC void eo92PrintTaskCounts (tsp00_Int4 TimeMeasurementActive, teo52_TaskStateStatisticRec *pTaskStateStat)
externC void eo92PrintTaskOMSStatistics (teo52_TaskOMSStatisticRec *pTaskOMSStat)

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