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ven60.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Kernel RunTime: Message Output.

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Definition in file ven60.c.

#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "gen00.h"
#include "heo00.h"
#include "geo50_0.h"
#include "geo00_2.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_Types.h"
#include "SAPDBCommon/SAPDB_Names.h"
#include "gen60.h"
#include "gen60_1.h"
#include "hen60.h"
#include "hen40.h"
#include "gen41.h"
#include "heo46.h"
#include "gen48.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include "geo007_2.h"
#include "RunTime/Diagnose/RTEDiag_ServerCrashHist.h"
#include "RunTime/System/RTESys_Time.h"
#include "hsp100.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_Speed.h"
#include "RunTime/RTE_DiagPipe.h"
#include "SAPDBCommon/ErrorsAndMessages/SAPDBErr_MessageOutput.h"

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#define INIT_DIAG   -2
#define INITIAL_KNLDIAG_SIZE_EN60   (256*1024)
#define LOCALDBG(x)   {}
#define MESSAGE_LINE_MXEN60   512
#define MF__   MOD__"en60_ReopenKnldiagFile"
#define MF__   MOD__"en60InitializeMessageOutput"
#define MF__   MOD__"en60_OpenUtilProt"
#define MF__   MOD__"en60_OpenErrmsg"
#define MF__   MOD__"vksprintf"
#define MF__   MOD__"e60_deliver_msg"
#define MOD__   "ven60.c:"
#define MSG_TO_ERR   4
#define MSG_TO_EVENT_FILE   6
#define MSG_TO_OPMSG1   1
#define MSG_TO_OPMSG2   2
#define MSG_TO_OPMSG3   3
#define MSG_TO_UTIL_PROT   5
#define POS_DATE   11
#define POS_DBNAME   2
#define POS_LABEL   41
#define POS_MSG_TYPE   37
#define POS_MSGTXT   50
#define POS_PRIO   0
#define POS_TIME   22
#define UTILPROT_HEADER_LEN   ( 1 + (sizeof(RTESys_Timestamp)-1) )


externC void e60_deliver_msg (char *msg, int lgt)
externC int e60_open_opmsgs (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
struct tm * en52Localtime_r (const time_t *clock, struct tm *res)
static void en60_CheckForUtilProtHeader (char *f_name)
static void en60_Endmark (int fd, long *minpos, long *act_pos)
static void en60_FillFile (int *fd, long f_size, char *f_name)
static void en60_FindUtilBeginPos (char *f_name, long *act_pos)
static void en60_InitDiag (const char *msg, int length)
static void en60_Message (int prio, int msgno, const char *msgtyp, const char *ModuleInfo, const char *text, va_list args)
static int en60_OpenErrmsg (int tryToWriteStartingMessage)
static int en60_OpenOp1Msg (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
static int en60_OpenOp2Msg (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
static int en60_OpenOp3Msg (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
static int en60_OpenUtilProt (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
static void en60_Opmsg (int prio, int msgno, const char *text,...)
static void en60_opNOut (char *msg, int length, int outputNumber)
static int en60_ReopenDiag (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
externC void en60_ReopenKnldiagFile (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters)
static int en60_ReopenOpMsg (RTE_XPARAM_REC *XparamParameters, int which)
static void en60_SetFilePos (int *fd, long *min_pos, long *act_pos, long f_size, int length)
static void en60_UpdateDiagPosition (char *filename, long *min_pos, long *act_pos)
static void en60_Write (int *fd, const char *msg, int length)
int en60InitializeMessageOutput ()
void en60MessageOutputCall (SAPDB_Int4 msgOutputMask, SAPDB_Int4 msgNumber, SAPDB_Int4 msgType, SAPDB_Char const *msgLabel, SAPDB_Char const *msgFormat, va_list msgArguments)
int en60OpenEventFile (tsp00_Pathc VAR_ARRAY_REF Filename, tsp00_Int4 MaxSize)
static void err (char *text,...)
static int getNextFileLine (int fd, off_t *pLinePos, char *bufferStart, long bufferSize, long *pBytesCached, long *lengthFound)
void RTE_WriteDatabaseStopTime ()
 write the database stop timestamp into knldiag.err
externC void sql60_write_to_event_file (const char *text, int len)
externC void sql60_write_to_util_diag (const char *text, int len)
externC void sql60kc_msg (tsp00_Uint1 prio, const char *text, int msg_type)
externC void sqldbg_modinfo_write (const char *ModInfo, const char *text,...)
externC void sqldbgwrite (const char *text,...)
externC void sqlerrwrite (const char *text,...)
externC void sqlwngwrite (const char *text,...)
externC void vksprintf (tsp00_Addr pszMsg, const tsp00_Addr pszFormatStr,...)
externC void vopmsg (tsp00_Int2 prio, tsp00_Int2 msgno, tsp00_Int4 npar1, tsp00_Int4 npar2, tsp00_C64 spar, tsp00_C64 msgline)


int e60_dbgdbglvl
static tsp00_Int4 e60_diag_size
static char e60_ENDMARK []
static char e60_ENDSTARTUP []
static char e60_EOFMARK []
static int e60_err_istty = 0
static long e60_filesize = 0
static char e60_FILLINE []
static int e60_kern_rubbish = 0
static int e60_op1_istty = 0
static int e60_op1_to_op3 = 0
static int e60_op2_istty = 0
static int e60_op2_to_op3 = 0
static int e60_op3_istty = 0
static long e60_op3_minpos = INIT_DIAG
static long e60_op3_pos = 0
static int e60_op_ut_fd = -1
static int e60_op_ut_istty = 0
static int e60_operrfd = 0
static int e60_opmsg1fd = 0
static int e60_opmsg2fd = 0
static int e60_opmsg3fd = 1
static long e60_ut_minpos = 0
static long e60_ut_pos = 0
static tsp00_Int4 e60_util_size
static teo07_Mutex en60_DiagMutex = NULL
static int en60_EventFileFd = 0
static int en60_EventFileIsTty = 0
static long en60_EventFileMinPos = 0
static long en60_EventFilePos = 0
static tsp00_Int4 en60_EventFileSize = 0
static char en60_EXITMARK []
static char en60_KNLDIAG_HEADER []
static char en60_UTILPROT_HEADER []
tsp00_DbNamec en81_dbname

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