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veo950.c File Reference

Detailed Description

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JoergM area application startup program
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Definition in file veo950.c.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "hsp100.h"
#include "heo95.h"
#include "heo46.h"

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#define _INLINE   __inline
#define _SIGNALFUNCTYPE   void
#define BA   "ba"
#define BATCH_ID_IMPORT   "i"
#define BATCH_ID_LCHR   "b"
#define BATCH_ID_LSTR   "batch"
#define BATCH_ID_UCHR   "B"
#define BATCH_ID_VERSION   "V"
#define DAP4X   "dap4x"
#define DPTG   "dptg"
#define ENV_PATH_DELIMITER   ':'
#define ERR_EXAMINE_DBROOT_OR_FILENAME   "can't get dbroot or filename from '%s'"
#define KSH_ENV   "ENV"
#define OS_VERS   "UNIX"
#define PRINT_DBG_INFO   "D"


typedef void(* SIGNALFUNCTYPE )()


static int call_prog_win (char *progname, int num_params, char **params)
static int call_selected_func (PROG_ID *sel_prog, int num_args, char **args)
static _SIGNALFUNCTYPE catch_signal (int sig)
int e950_call_component (PROG_ID *sel_component, int num_args, char **args)
int e950_call_help (char *progname, char **helpfiles)
int e950_call_prog (char *progname, int num_params, char **params)
static int e950_call_sql_prog (char *sql_prog, int num_prog_args, char **prog_args)
void e950_print_params (char *funcname, int num_params, char **params)
void e950_PutEnvDBRoot (tsp00_Pathc DBRoot)
int e950_search_and_call_sqlprog (char *sql_prog, int num_params, char **params)
boolean en950_GetProgramExecPath (enum ProgramExecPathType ProgramLocation, char *GetProgramExecPath)
void en950_PrintRteError (char *HeaderInfo, tsp01_RteError *RteError)
int en950ApplStartupProgram (int NumArgs, char **Args)
static char * en950GetModuleFilename (char *Filename, tsp00_Pathc FullPath)
static int en950TestPathFunctions (char *DbRoot)
int eo950_ArgC ()
const char ** eo950_ArgV ()
static int exec_sql_prog (PROG_ID *sel_component, char *sql_prog, int num_args, char **args)
static int is_batchmode (int num_args, char **args)
static void reset_term ()
static int search_prog (char *prog_to_search, PROG_ID *progs, int num_progs)
static int show_hlp_file (char *helpfile)


static char * debugger_name = NULL
static int eo950_argc = 0
static const char ** eo950_argv = NULL
static int reset_terminal = FALSE

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