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virtual void RTE_ISystem::GetMemoryStatistics ( SAPDB_ULong &  MemoryLimitInBytes,
SAPDB_ULong &  MemoryCommitedInBytes,
SAPDB_ULong &  MemoryUsedInBytes,
SAPDB_ULong &  MemoryMaxUsedInBytes,
SAPDB_UInt8 &  MemorySuccessfullAllocs,
SAPDB_UInt8 &  MemoryFailedAllocs,
SAPDB_UInt8 &  MemoryCommits,
SAPDB_UInt8 &  MemoryFrees 
) [pure virtual]

Get the current limit of MemoryUsage.

If MemoryLimit cannot be set during initialization, it is possible to delay setting the limit until the really wanted / configured limit is known.

MemoryLimitInBytes [out] actual MemoryLimit (or RTE_ISystem::UnlimitedMemory)
MemoryCommitedInBytes [out] actual amount of memory commited
MemoryUsedInBytes [out] actual amount of memory used
MemoryMaxUsedInBytes [out] maximum amount of memory used
MemorySuccessfullAllocs [out] actual number of successfull allocation requests
MemoryFailedAllocs [out] actual number of failed allocation requests
MemoryCommits [out] actual number of commit requests
MemoryFrees [out] actual number of deallocation requests

Referenced by RTEMem_AllocatorInfoReader::First(), and RTE_KGS::SetDBState().

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