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gen60.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Message Output.

JoergM area vopmsg
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Definition in file gen60.h.

#include "geo00.h"
#include "SAPDBCommon/SAPDB_Types.h"
#include <stdarg.h>

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externC void e60_deliver_msg (char *msg, int lgt)
externC int en60InitializeMessageOutput ()
externC void en60MessageOutputCall (SAPDB_Int4 msgOutputMask, SAPDB_Int4 msgNumber, SAPDB_Int4 msgType, SAPDB_Char const *msgLabel, SAPDB_Char const *msgFormat, va_list msgArguments)
externC int en60OpenEventFile (tsp00_VFilenamec VAR_ARRAY_REF Filename, tsp00_Int4 MaxSize)
externC void RTE_WriteDatabaseStopTime ()
 write the database stop timestamp into knldiag.err
externC void sql60_write_to_event_file (const char *text, int len)
externC void sql60_write_to_util_diag (const char *text, int len)
externC void sql60kc_msg (tsp00_Uint1 prio, const char *text, int msg_type)
externC void sqldbgwrite (const char *text,...)
externC void sqlerrwrite (const char *text,...)
externC void sqlwngwrite (const char *text,...)

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