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gen73.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Queue handling routines.

JoergM area Queue Handling
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Definition in file gen73.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "gen50.h"

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externC void e73_dev_ioc_queue_init (struct IOC_QUEUE *ioc, tsp00_Int4 number)
externC struct DOUBLY_LINKED * e73_dl_dequ (struct DOUBLE_Q_HEAD *head)
externC void e73_dl_enqu (struct DOUBLE_Q_HEAD *head, struct DOUBLY_LINKED *new_entry)
externC void e73_dl_init (struct DOUBLE_Q_HEAD *head, char *name)
externC int e73_ioc_enqu (struct IOC_QUEUE_HEAD *head, struct DOUBLY_LINKED *new_entry)
externC void e73_ioc_queue_init (struct IOC_QUEUE_HEAD *head, struct IOC_QUEUE *ioc, tsp00_Int4 number)
externC void e73_ior_queue_init (struct IOR_QUEUE_HEAD *head, struct IOR_QUEUE *ior, tsp00_Int4 number)
externC void e73_xxx_queue_init (struct XXX_QUEUE_HEAD *xxx, int nr_of_elem)

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