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gen88.h File Reference

Detailed Description

USER KERNEL Task Group Thread, Task Initialization and Task Switch.


Definition in file gen88.h.

#include "geo00.h"
#include "gen50.h"

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externC tsp00_Int4 en88_InitDynPthreadTasks (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
 Initialize task control block to use threads for task.
externC ten50_UKT_Control * en88GetThisUkt ()
 Return pointer to current user kernel thread control block.
externC tsp00_Int4 en88InitCoroutineTask (struct TASK_TYPE *tcb)
 Initialize task control block to use coroutines for task.
externC void * en88RunCoroutineUKT (void *arg)
 UKT thread main routine.
externC void en88TaskContextSwitch (struct TASK_TYPE *pOld, struct TASK_TYPE *pNew)
 Switch context from old task to new task.

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