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geo573.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Global scope new and delete.

RaymondR area Global scope new and delete.
See also:
This operator are using the 'teo570_GlobalAlloc' class.

Definition in file geo573.h.

#include <new.h>

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class  geo573_BadAllocHandler
 Bad_alloc handler calling debug functionality, before bad_alloc, if registered. More...


#define BAD_ALLOC_GEO573   std::bad_alloc
#define THROW_BAD_ALLOC_GEO573   geo573_BadAllocHandler::callCallback(); throw std::bad_alloc("")
#define THROW_NEW_GEO573   throw(std::bad_alloc)


void operator delete (void *Buffer) THROW_DELETE_GEO573
void operator delete[] (void *Buffer) THROW_DELETE_GEO573
void * operator new (size_t Size) THROW_NEW_GEO573
void * operator new[] (size_t Size) THROW_NEW_GEO573

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