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ven03.c File Reference

Detailed Description

communication / USER



Definition in file ven03.c.

#include <ctype.h>
#include "gsp01.h"
#include "gsp09.h"
#include "geo003.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include "geo007_2.h"
#include "geo03.h"
#include "heo03.h"
#include "geo40.h"
#include "geo401.h"
#include "heo46.h"
#include "geo001.h"
#include "geo57.h"
#include "gen003.h"
#include "gen23.h"
#include "gen33.h"
#include "gen41.h"
#include "gen42.h"
#include "gen43.h"
#include "heo07.h"
#include "RunTime/System/RTESys_MicroTime.h"
#include "heo420.h"

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struct  ten03_connect_pool


#define ALIGN_BUFFER(_val, _alignment)   ((((_val) - 1) / (_alignment) + 1 ) * (_alignment))
#define CHECK_PID_EN03   1
#define CONNECTION_ARRAY   sql03_connect_pool.connection
#define CONNECTION_AT_INL(ref)   (&sql03_connect_pool.connection [ref])
#define MAXCONNECTIONS_INL   (sql03_connect_pool.connectionCount)
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_catch_signal"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_reset_alarm"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_set_alarm"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_reset_signals"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_get_protocol"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_split_dbname"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_find_free_index"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_dump"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_cancel"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_receive"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_replyavailable"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_request"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_release"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_connect"
#define MF__   MOD__"en03GetAndCheckConnectionInfo"
#define MF__   MOD__"en03InitConnParam"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_finish"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_init"
#define MF__   MOD__"sql03_xconnect"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqladump"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlacancel"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlareceive"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlareplyavailable"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlarequest"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlarelease"
#define MF__   MOD__"sqlaconnect"
#define MF__   MOD__"SqlDBConnect"
#define MF__   MOD__"SqlAConnect"
#define MF__   MOD__"SqlAPing"
#define MF__   MOD__"SqlPingRelease"
#define MF__   MOD__"SqlPingConnect"
#define MOD__   "ven03.c:"
#define VALID_REF_INL(ref)   (((ref) > 0) && ((ref) <= sql03_connect_pool.connectionCount))


static tsp01_CommErr_Enum en03_aPing (char *pszServerNode, tsp00_Versionc szServerVersion, tsp00_ErrTextc errText)
static int en03GetAndCheckConnectionInfo (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_Int4 CheckPid, connection_info **ConnectionInfo, char *CallingFktName, tsp00_ErrTextc pErrText)
static void en03InitConnParam (char *Node, teo003_ConnectParamRecord *pConnParam, connection_info *cip)
static tsp00_Int4 sql03_alloc_connect (void)
static int sql03_cancel (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE sql03_catch_signal (int sig)
static int sql03_connect (char *servernode, tsp00_DbNamec serverdb, int service, int packet_cnt, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_Int4 *max_reply_packet_size, tsp00_Int4 *sql_packet_size, void **sql_packet_list, char *dbroot, char *serverpgm, connection_VMT *vmt, tsp00_ErrTextc pErrText)
static int sql03_dump (tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static tsp00_Int4 sql03_find_free_index (void)
static void sql03_finish (void)
static void sql03_finish_connections (void)
static int sql03_free_connect (int ref, char **msg)
static int sql03_get_protocol (char *Node, connection_info *cip, tsp00_ErrTextc ErrTExtC)
static void sql03_init (void)
static int sql03_init_connect_pool (ten03_connect_pool *connectPool)
static void sql03_init_connections (ten03_connect_pool *connectPool, int firstIndex, int count)
global void sql03_init_multi_threaded (teo07_MutexFunction *createMutex, teo07_MutexFunction *destroyMutex, teo07_MutexFunction *lockMutex, teo07_MutexFunction *unlockMutex)
static tsp00_Bool sql03_realloc_pool (ten03_connect_pool *connectPool)
static int sql03_receive (tsp00_Int4 reference, void **packetp, tsp00_Int4 *lengthp, tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static int sql03_release (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static int sql03_replyavailable (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static int sql03_request (tsp00_Int4 reference, void *packet, tsp00_Int4 length, tsp00_ErrTextc errtext)
static void sql03_reset_alarm (void)
static void sql03_reset_signals (void)
static void sql03_set_alarm (unsigned interval)
static void sql03_set_signals (void)
global void sql03_split_dbname (char *serverdb, char *servernode)
static char * sql03_statename (connection_info *cip)
void sql03_xconnect (char *servernode, tsp00_DbNamec serverdb, char *dbroot, char *serverpgm, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_Int4 *sql_packet_size, void **sql_packet_list, connection_VMT *vmt, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp1_comm_error *returncode)
void sqlacancel (tsp00_Int4 reference)
void sqlaconnect (tsp00_TaskId pid, tsp00_NodeId servernode, tsp00_DbName serverdb, tsp01_Service_Enum service, tsp00_Int4 packet_cnt, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_Int4 *sql_packet_size, void **sql_packet_list, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp01_CommErr *returncode)
externC tsp01_CommErr_Enum SqlAConnect (char *szServerNode, tsp00_DbNamec szServerDB, tsp01_Service_Enum service, tsp00_Int4 packet_cnt, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_Int4 *sql_packet_size, void **sql_packet_list, tsp00_ErrTextc szErrText)
void sqladump ()
externC tsp01_CommErr_Enum SqlAPing (char *pszServerNode, tsp00_Versionc szServerVersion, tsp00_ErrTextc pErrText)
void sqlareceive (tsp00_Int4 reference, void **res_packet_ptr, tsp00_Int4 *res_packet_length, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp01_CommErr *returncode)
void sqlarelease (tsp00_Int4 reference)
void sqlareplyavailable (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp01_CommErr *returncode)
void sqlarequest (tsp00_Int4 reference, void *sql_packet_addr, tsp00_Int4 sql_packet_length, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp01_CommErr *returncode)
externC tsp01_CommErr_Enum SqlDBConnect (char *szServerNode, tsp00_DbNamec szServerDB, tsp01_Service_Enum service, tsp00_Int4 packet_cnt, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_Int4 *max_reply_packet_size, tsp00_Int4 *sql_packet_size, void **sql_packet_list, tsp00_ErrTextc szErrText)
externC tsp01_CommErr_Enum SqlDBPing (tsp00_Int4 reference, tsp00_Uint4 *sendBufferSize, tsp00_Uint1 *hops, tsp00_DbNamec VAR_ARRAY_REF szServer, tsp00_Versionc VAR_ARRAY_REF szServerVersion, tsp00_ErrTextc pErrText)
int sqlIsRunTimeComponent ()
externC tsp01_CommErr_Enum SqlPingConnect (char *szServerNode, char *szServerDB, tsp00_Int4 *reference, tsp00_ErrTextc pErrText)
externC void SqlPingRelease (tsp00_Int4 reference)


static tsp00_Bool fNI_Installed = FALSE
void(* sql01_finish_com )() = sql03_finish
void(* sql01_init_com )() = sql03_init
static connection_info * sql03_cip
static ten03_connect_pool sql03_connect_pool
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* sql03_fetched_sigint )() = SIG_DFL
static char sql03_nodeseparatorlist []
static unsigned sql03_oldalarm
static time_t sql03_oldclock
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* sql03_oldsigalrm )() = SIG_ERR
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* sql03_oldsighup )() = SIG_ERR
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* sql03_oldsigpipe )() = SIG_ERR
static SIGNALFUNCTYPE(* sql03_oldsigterm )() = SIG_ERR
static pid_t sql03_pid
static tsp00_Int4 sql03_receiving

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