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ven05.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Client RunTime: Virtual Printer (using standard spooler "lp").

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Definition in file ven05.c.

#include "gen00.h"
#include "heo00.h"
#include "heo46.h"
#include "hen50.h"
#include "hen40.h"

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#define DEST   "-d"
#define ERRTEXT(v, t)   { eo46CtoP(v,t,MAXERRORTEXT); }
#define LP   "lp"
#define MAX_DR_ANZ   3
#define MAX_PID   8
#define MOD__   "ven05.c:"
#define SPL_NAME   "/tmp/spl"
#define STD_ERR   2
#define STD_IN   0
#define STD_OUT   1


static void dup_in (tsp00_Bool *notok)
static void dup_in ()
static void dup_stderr (tsp00_Bool *ok)
static void dup_stderr ()
static void dup_stdout (tsp00_Bool *ok)
static void dup_stdout ()
static void init_printer ()
static void newdest ()
static void spoolname (pid_t pid, tsp00_Int4 dr_anz)
static void spoolname ()
void vpoff (tsp00_Bool print)
void vpon (tsp00_PrtName printer, tsp00_Bool *vpok)
void vprint (tsp00_PrtLine line, tsp00_Int2 length, tsp00_VpLinefeeds lfeeds, tsp00_ErrText errtext, tsp00_Bool *vpok)


struct {
   char   dest [2]
   PRINTERNAMEC   printer
static int fildes [2] = { 0, 0 }
static tsp00_Bool has_printed = 0
static pid_t sql05_apc_pid = (pid_t)0
static tsp00_VFilenamec sql05_lp
static char * sql05_pr_argv [3] = { NULL, NULL, NULL }
static char sql05_pr_cr = 0
static char sql05_pr_ff = 0
static tsp00_VFilenamec sql05_pr_file
static char sql05_pr_lf = 0
static tsp00_Int4 sql05_pr_number = 0
static tsp00_VFilenamec sql05_spl_filename
static int sql05_spool_fd
static tsp00_Bool sql05_vp_initial_printer = (tsp00_Bool)TRUE

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