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externC void RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier ( void   ) 

'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' performs a serializing operation on all load-from-memory instructions that were issued prior the 'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' function. This serializing operation guarantees that every load instruction that precedes in program order the 'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' function is globally visible before any load instruction that follows 'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' is globally visible. 'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' is ordered with respect to load instructions but is not ordered with respect to store instructions.

------------------------------------------------------------------ Weakly ordered memory types can be used to achieve higher processor performance through such techniques as out-of-order issue and speculative reads. The degree to which a consumer of data recognizes or knows that the data is weakly ordered varies among applications and may be unknown to the producer of this data. 'RTESys_ReadMemoryBarrier' provides a performance-efficient way of insuring load ordering between routines that produce weakly-ordered results and routines that consume that data.


Referenced by en71Dispatcher(), LVCMem_Allocator::LVCAllocatorInstanceWithBarrier(), and Kernel_Administration::TriggerSynchronize().

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