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SAPDB_Singleton.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Common singleton base class.

After several bad problems with unwanted copy actions on singletons, this base class is introduced. It has protected copy constructor and assignment operator. Therefore with a singleton that is derived from this class, the compiler will detect all attempts to copy a singleton...

Definition in file SAPDB_Singleton.hpp.

#include "RunTime/Synchronisation/RTESync_Spinlock.hpp"
#include "SAPDBCommon/MemoryManagement/SAPDBMem_NewDestroy.hpp"

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class  SAPDB_Singleton
 Base class for singletons. More...
class  SAPDB_SingletonTemplate< Singleton >
 Alternative for class SAPDB_Singleton including Instance method. More...


 obsolete... to be removeed by ThomasA ;-)

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