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  @file           gen22.h
  @author         JoergM
  @special area   RunTime
  @brief          Setup of UNIX own message output


    ========== licence begin  SAP

    (c) Copyright 2001-2006 SAP AG

    All rights reserved.

    ========== licence end


#ifndef GEN22_H
#define GEN22_H

 *  INCLUDES                                                                 *

#include "SAPDBCommon/SAPDB_Types.h"

#if defined(__cplusplus)

extern "C" {

#include <stdarg.h>

 *  GLOBAL FUNCTIONS                                                         *

void en22MessageOutputCall( SAPDB_Int4         msgOutputMask,
                            SAPDB_Int4         msgNumber, 
                            SAPDB_Int4         msgType, 
                            SAPDB_Char const * msgLabel, 
                            SAPDB_Char const * msgFormat,
                            va_list            msgArguments );

  @brief select given channel instead of appldiag for output of diagnostic messages

  After this call all MSG macro outputs as well as RTE_Message() outputs are shown on channel
  instead of appldiag. This call is used i.e. in RTECons_UNIXConsole to redirect output to
  console (channel==1) after redirection of stderr and setting to unbuffered mode.
  It is issued as a very first action in main().

  NOTE: channel must be opened already!

  @param channel [in] file descriptor to be used for output
  @param withTimestamp [in] if true, produce timestamps for every output line
void en22SelectChannelForMessageOutput(SAPDB_Int channel, SAPDB_Bool withTimstamp);

  @brief write "end of startup" line
void en22MarkEndOfStartup(void);

#if defined(__cplusplus)

} /* extern "C" */


#endif /* GEN22_H */

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