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hcn35b.h File Reference

Detailed Description

class for controling backups from the database kernel to an external backup tool

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Definition in file hcn35b.h.

#include "SAPDB/DBM/Srv/BackupHistory/DBMSrvBHist_EBIDList.hpp"
#include "gcn00.h"
#include "gcn003.h"
#include "hcn35a.h"
#include "hcn35e.h"
#include "hcn36.h"
#include "hcn90.h"
#include "hin29.h"

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class  tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupController
 This class handles one backup with an external backup tool. If you need more than one backup, use more than one object. More...
class  tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupControllerFactory
 class constructing tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupController objects More...
struct  tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupControllerFactory::InputStructForConstruct


tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupControllerFactory TheDBMExternalBackupControllerFactory_cn35b
 a globally available factory for tcn35b_DBMExternalBackupController objects

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