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heo05.h File Reference

Detailed Description

RTE - common_rte_include_module.

JoergM area
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Definition in file heo05.h.

#include "gsp09.h"

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struct  PacketT
struct  RTEHeaderT
struct  teo5_monitor_object


#define ceo5_compressed_format   1
#define ceo5_plain   FALSE
#define ceo5_quoted   TRUE
#define MSG_6(x)   eo44printfSimpleError x
#define MSG_7(x)   eo44printfSimpleError x
#define MSG_8(x)   eo44printfSimpleError x
#define MSG_9(x)   eo44printfSimpleError x
#define MSG_ERR(x)   eo44printfError x
#define OSError   (-1)
#define packetSizeC   (4 * 4096)
#define USEVAR_LINT(var)   var


typedef void teo5_cntl_function (tsp9_cstr cmd, tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror)
typedef teo5_monitor_object * teo5_monitor_constructor (tsp9_cstr, int flags, tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror)
typedef void teo5_monitor_function (void *handle, tsp9_rte_readdirection direction, char *outbuf, int bufSize, tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror)


void eo44anyError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror, tsp9_cstr msg)
void eo44eoshowError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror)
void eo44initError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror)
int eo44parseInt (tsp9_cstr str)
void eo44printChar (char **outbuf, int *bufSize, int ch)
void eo44printfError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror, tsp00_Int4 msg_no, signed char msg_type, char *msg_label, char *msg_format,...)
void eo44printfSimpleError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror, tsp00_Int4 msg_no, char *msg_format,...)
void eo44printLong (char **outbuf, int *bufSize, long val)
void eo44printString (char **outbuf, int *bufSize, tsp9_cstr str, tsp9_bool quoted)
tsp9_cstr eo44skipIdentifier (tsp9_cstr str)
tsp9_cstr eo44skipSpace (tsp9_cstr str)
int eo44strcont (tsp9_cstr string1, tsp9_cstr string2, int minlgt)
void eo44sysError (tsp9_rte_xerror *xerror, int rc)


teo5_monitor_constructor en902activeProcesses
teo5_monitor_constructor en902allProcesses
teo5_cntl_function en902cancelTask
teo5_cntl_function en902changeDebugLevel
teo5_cntl_function en902coreProcess
teo5_cntl_function en902errioRead
teo5_cntl_function en902errioWrite
teo5_cntl_function en902killTask
teo5_cntl_function en902resetCounter
teo5_monitor_constructor en902state
teo5_cntl_function en902time

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