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heo51.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Kernel Initialization Functions.

JoergM area kernel_initializations
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Definition in file heo51.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "vsp001.h"
#include "vsp002.h"

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externC void vdebug_break (tsp00_Int4 i4DebugBreakPosition)
externC void vfinish ()
externC void vgetfirstuserpid (tsp00_TaskId VAR_VALUE_REF pid)
externC void vgetpid (tsp00_TaskId VAR_VALUE_REF pid)
externC void vgetuktid (tsp00_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF id)
externC void vinit (tsp00_RteCommAddr VAR_VALUE_REF rte_comm_ptr, tsp00_Int2 len)
externC void vinitok ()
externC void vmovelock (tsp00_TaskId ownId)
externC void vmoveunlock (tsp00_TaskId ownId)
externC void voffline (tsp00_TaskId pid, tsp00_ShutdownMode_Param mode)
externC void vos (tsp00_Os VAR_VALUE_REF os)
externC void vptype (tsp00_TaskId pid, tsp2_process_type VAR_VALUE_REF proc_type)
externC void vrestart (tsp00_TaskId pid, tsp00_DevName VAR_ARRAY_REF sysdevspace)
externC tsp1_utility_startup vutil_startup ()
externC void vversion (tsp00_Version VAR_ARRAY_REF kernelversion, tsp00_Version VAR_ARRAY_REF rteversion)

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