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heo58.h File Reference

Detailed Description

devspace description ( after xparamfiles has been read )

JoergM area v*dev*
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Definition in file heo58.h.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "gsp200.h"
#include "vsp002.h"
#include "geo002.h"
#include "vsp0058.h"

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externC tsp00_Bool eo58CheckDuplicateDevSpaceName (DEVSPACES_DESCR *devspacesArray, tsp2_devnamec szDevspaceName)
externC DEV_DESCR * sql58k_get_devsp_descr (tsp2_dev_type_Param dev_type, tsp00_Int4 type_spec_devno)
externC void vdiaginit (tsp00_Bool VAR_VALUE_REF traceflag, tsp00_Bool VAR_VALUE_REF dumpflag, tsp00_VFilename VAR_ARRAY_REF vtracename, tsp00_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF vtracesize, tsp00_VFilename VAR_ARRAY_REF vdumpname)
externC void vget_devname (tsp2_dev_type_Param dev_type, tsp00_Int4 type_spec_devno, tsp00_VFilename VAR_ARRAY_REF dev_name, tsp00_Bool VAR_VALUE_REF ok)
externC void vget_devsize (tsp2_dev_type_Param dev_type, tsp00_Int4 type_spec_devno, tsp00_Int4 VAR_VALUE_REF dev_size, tsp00_Bool VAR_VALUE_REF ok)
externC void vget_uniqe_id (tsp00_Line VAR_ARRAY_REF uniqe_id)
externC void * vGetAcvPtrFromCurrentTask ()
externC void vgetrteinfo (tsp0058_RTEInfo VAR_VALUE_REF RTEInfo)
externC void vinit_akdump_ptr (void *acv_pointer, void(*ak_dump_proc)())
externC void vInitTraceAndDump (tsp00_VFilename VAR_ARRAY_REF vtraceName, tsp00_VFilename VAR_ARRAY_REF vdumpName)
externC tsp00_Bool vIsDumpWanted ()
externC tsp00_Bool vIsTraceWanted ()
externC void vpid_alive (tsp00_TaskId pid)
 Called to set task in alive state, to prevent from aborting a running task during shutdown (i.e. Tracewriter...).
externC void vrevoke_devspace (tsp2_dev_type_Param dev_type, tsp00_Int4 type_spec_devno)
externC void vtracewriter_alive ()
 Called to keep tracewriter in alive state, to prevent from aborting it during shutdown (same as vpid_alive(TraceWriterPid)) .

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