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veo602.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains all unicode extensions shared by kernel and client LZU created 000-08-04 20:12.

JoergM area Unicode Common LZU Extensions
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Currently contained eo602_ConvertPascalStringToUTF8Unicode()

Definition in file veo602.c.

#include "heo602.h"
#include "hsp77.h"
#include <locale.h>

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#define START_LOCALE   Unknown OS! UTF8 LOCALE not supported !!!


tsp78ConversionResult eo602_ConvertPascalStringToUTF8Unicode (tsp00_Int4 msgEncoding, const tsp00_Byte *msgTextPascal, tsp00_Uint4 msgTextSizeInBytes, tsp00_Byte *bufferUTF8, tsp00_Uint4 bufferSizeInBytes)
static void eo602_setConsoleEncoding ()
const tsp77encodingeo602getConsoleEncoding ()
void eo602setStartLocale ()


static const tsp77encodingeo602_consoleEncoding = 0

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