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veo67.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Event reporting, Waiting and wakeup actions.

JoergM area Event Handling
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Definition in file veo67.cpp.

#include "gsp00.h"
#include "vsp0031.h"
#include "geo00_0.h"
#include "geo00_2.h"
#include "geo50_0.h"
#include "geo007_1.h"
#include "heo52.h"
#include "heo56.h"
#include "heo67.h"
#include "geo67.h"

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class  ceo67_Base
struct  teo67_EventDescription
class  teo67_EventInfo
struct  teo67_EventTask
class  teo67_Ring


#define ASSIGN_EO67(_l, _r)   (_l).becomes(_r)
#define MF__   MOD__"vinsert_event"
#define MF__   MOD__"vinsert_keep_alive"
#define NO_EVENT_INDEX_EO67   0
#define TASK_TO_CANCEL(_pTaskCtrl)   (_pTaskCtrl)->rte_comm.to_cancel


externC void eo60InsertEvent (const tsp31_event_description &newEvent)
externC bool eo67ConnectEventTask (tsp00_TaskId pid)
externC bool eo67Initialize (tsp00_Int4 maxNumberOfEventTasks, tsp00_Int4 maxNumberOfEvents)
externC void eo67InitializeEventInfo ()
externC void eo67InsertKeepAlive ()
externC void eo67InsertMessageEvent (SAPDB_Bool msgIsError, SAPDB_Int4 msg_no, const char *msg_txt)
 Insert a message event into event ring buffer Called by any task or thread to insert an message event into ring buffer If msgIsError the priority is high, else priority is medium. All warning and errror message writen in knldiag are using this interface.
externC void eo67InsertSessionEvent (bool isConnect, const tsp00_Int4 TaskIndex)
externC bool eo67ReleaseEventTask (tsp00_TaskId pid)
externC tsp00_Int4 eo67SpaceNeeded (tsp00_Int4 maxNumberOfEventTasks, tsp00_Int4 maxNumberOfEvents)
externC void vinsert_event (tsp31_event_description &newEvent)
externC void vinsert_keep_alive ()
 Insert a keep alive event Called by a worker thread which is time based.
externC void vwait_for_event (const tsp00_TaskId pid, tsp31_event_description &returnEvent, tsp00_ErrText &errtext, tsp00_Bool &Ok)


static teo67_Ring * eo67_Eventing = NULL
static teo67_EventInfo * eo67_pInfo = NULL

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